Fastest Train in the world

With the passage of time, human has made wonderful inventions in different fields of life. So same is the case with the trains. First ever built trains were very slow and work with steam power to cover large distances. Then as the civilization progressed human inventions also progressed according to social or military needs. Japan and Germany were the pioneers in this technology, and now many countries of the world had this technology working and serving their people.

As of now, worlds fastest train is Shanghai Maglev Train which is owned by China,  its transit kind is Magnetic levitation. It has one line and 2 stations covered. It began its operations in the year 2004, commercially. It is operated by Shanghai Maglev Transportation Development Co., Ltd. Its system length is 30.5 kilometeres which is approximately 18.95 miles technically. Literally meaning of Shanghai Maglev is Shanghai Maglev demonstration operation line. Its transcriptions are standard Mandarin. It is also called as Shanghai Transrapid. This line is 3rd commercially operated magnetic levitation line to be commenced in the history of trains. This trains line was built to connect Shnaghai Pudong International Airport with the outskirts of central Pudong from where travelers could reach easily to Shanghai metro to continue their visit to reac the centre of the city. There were $1.2 billion were consumed to built this line and all set up of this system. Balance of payments of this line has remained in enormous loss since it started working. From 2004 to 2006 company beared losses of 1 billion RBM. This line is not a part of Shanghai metro network which has its own services to reach Shanghai Pudong Airport and to central Shanghai from Longyang road station. Its CRH 380A which runs between the cities of Beijing and Shangai. This fastest Train in the world was feigned by CSR Qingdao Sifang Locomotive and Rolling stock. AGV Italo which is said to be the most highly modern train in Europe is, contains a maximum operational speed of 360 kmph as of 29th August 2013. It is first commercial Maglev line to be operated in the world which is situated in China. And is the best available method of travelling in Shnaghai. It covers a distance of 30 kilo meteres which is exactly 19 miles in 8 miutes short duration of time. The line covers Longyang road station which is situated in Pudong to Pudong International Airport. The specificility of this train is that it can reach to a speed of 350 kilometere per hour which is 217 metere per hour  in only just 2 minutes, and it has maximum routine speed at which it usually runs is 431 kilo metre per hour which is 268 metre per hour which it maintains to cover all of its distances defined.

Vice president of famous comapnay, Mr, Hans-Dieter Bott, that won the contact to construct this worlds fastest Train line and rail link said in his statement,

“Transrapid views the Shangai line, where the ride will last just eight minutes, largely as a sales tool. This serves as a demonstration for China to show that this works and can be used for longer distances, such as Shanghai to Beijing. This line was in the first time built in 1st March 2001, and its first ever public commercial services began in 1st of January 2004. Chinese enjoy this service a lot. It helps in saving their precious time and travel duration to a greater extent.

Fastest car

When we are obtainable to thrash out the subject matter, fastest car In the world, then no qualm, speed and its recital is the foremost, engrossing, exhilarating and focal dynamic to discuss and which distinguishes it from its other same genres. These four wheeled technology monters are the deluxe demonstration of human prepared manufacturing and demonstrate the bona fide fun of adrenaline pumping in the course of your veins. Lets thrash out about the factors which makes these cars divergent in the world of fast cars. Here we are going to discuss about the fastest car In the world.

This is the main facet of fastest car in the world, that many adrenaline pumpers, venture and risk their lives in an endeavor to attain at a new record breaking and record setting speed by this fastest car in the world. Some speedy drivers previously has vanished their lives by driving such cars as renowned driver of formula one racer, Ayrton Senna which will be remembered in this world of fastest cars and eminent American actor, Paul Walker, whose love and infatuation for fastest cars was amazing. As once Ayrton Senna said

“Racing, competing, its in my blood. Its part of me, its part of my life.”

And Paul Walker once said

“if one day speed kills me, don’t cry, because I was smiling.”

as a substitute of intimidating threat of death by driving such genre of cars, people don’t desist from achieving highest speeds and records and it seems that it has became the inclination of American people. If so, and you are such kind of people then sure these cars are prepared for you, but have down pat, these cars are very luxurious, so you need, deep pockets to purchase them and make them yours.

Here we are going to reveal the name of long awaited in this article, name of the fastest car I n the world, which is Koinigsegg Agera R -273 Mph.

The Koenigsegg Agera is a mid-engined sports supercar, fashioned by Swedish car producer Koenigsegg, since 2011. It is a descendant to the Koenigsegg CCX/CCXR. The name comes from the Swedish verb ‘agera’ which meant “to act” or in urgent form “(You) act!”.

It was given the title of “Hypercar of the Year”in 2010 through Top Gear Magazine.


  • 0–100 km/ h (0–62 mph) in 3.00 seconds.
  • 0–200 km/ h (0–124 mph) in 8.0 seconds.
  • 0–200–0 km/ h (0–124–0 mph) in 13.5 seconds.
  • 0–300 km/ h (0–186 mph) in 14.53 seconds

Top alacrity for the fabrication model is 433 km/ h which is (269 mph).

Designing and exteriors.

The Agera manufactured with counterfeit aluminum wheels with center locking nuts which measures 19″ on the front and 20″ on the rear and wrapped in a set of Michelin Super Sports  tyres that can be worn with speeds of up to 420 km/h (260 mph). Other places of interest comprise the brand Koenigsegg doors, a new toehold control system, LED lighting and  blue hood stripes that prolong on from beginning to end the cockpit of the car and a custom core with a new “Ghost light” lighting system, which uses carbon nanotubes in a inimitable arrangement to look radiant  from the car’s aluminum buttons.


As a replacement for of the fact that Agera is not the household name of this fasatest car in the world,  in the market of fastest cars in the world and supercars, as Ferrari and Bugatti. But still it has carved out a good fame and name in this world of super cars in the short epoch of time, by defeating super cars in the market obtainable. It has an amazingly super fast speed of 237 mph. which shows its authority in the market of supercars. This is the fastest achieved speed by super cars, yet achieved. That’s why, it is called the fastest super car in the world presently.

The car has 5 litre turbocharged v8 DOHC engine, with a compression ratio of 9.0:1 and has the capacity to generate 1200 feet of torque and horse power of 1140, which enable this super car to achieve a speed of 60 mph from halt in less than 2.5 seconds and attain a speed of 186 mph in 11.7 seconds from zero, which is now a world record.

Best places to live in the world

God has created this world and then his crown of creation, ‘the human beings’ which has manufactured and decorated this world more by his God gifted abilities to a wonderful limits. He adorned this constructed world to such a level that one is surprised to see the beauty and facilities of the world which are worth living. But amazingly there are still best places to live in the world. The word best concludes that  it’s safe to live, has a magnificent quality of life,  it has all the basic necessities and facilities of life, government provides all the facilities, law and order, safety of life, and facilities to all of its citizens, etc. as Mercer has taken into consideration that quality of life is judged based on the social and political environment e.g., political durability, law enforcement and control of crime, economic surroundings e.g. banking services, currency rate etc., socio cultural environment, health and medical facilities, air pollution level and disposal control, availability of education of international standards and to fulfill economic demands, public transportation facilities and services e.g. electricity, net connectivity with high speed, water, gas, petrol etc. recreational places e.g. cinemas, parks, clubs, restaurants and hotels, play grounds of all international games. 24/7 access of consumer goods. Housing facilities and Safe living and natural environment e.g. record of hurricanes, floods, volcanoes, rain etc. out of 430 Mercer made a list of 230 countries of which top 27 are given as under as chosen by Business Insider, from which we are going to describe 12 of them in which interestingly New York and London are not included.

#12 Adelaide, Australia

The city is the main government and commerce centre of Australia. It is a good target for beaches and activities outdoor providing a rational balance to life.

#11 Singapore,

This is basically an island which is richest in the world and provides one of the best places in the world to live with very low crime rate, high level and quality of life and education.

#10 Sydney, Australia

The eye catching and healthy natural environment, pleasant weather conditions, and grown up cultural scene takes Sydney at number 10 in the list of best places to live in the world.

#9 Copenhagen, Denmark

This city is given the title of one of the happiest cities in the world to live upon, and there are solid reasons for this cause. Primitively it was a fishing village which has grown into a modern civilized city with all recent facilities and necessities of life with an edge of cultural development and life-work balance in it.

#8 Geneva, Switzerland

Geneva has some specialties as the home and global centre of diplomacy and of richest people on earth. It’s tremendously safe to live and its people are highly educated.

#7 Frankfurt, Germany

This city is commerce oriented and some of the world’s most renowned trade shows e.g. Frankfurt Motor Shows took place here, and ensuring almost all the standards described by Mercer.

#6 Dusseldorf, Germany

This city is in the west of Germany and is famous for its fashion industry and art scenes. It also fulfills the mercers 10 standards to a great extent.

#5 Vancouver, Canada

This is ethnically most diverse city in the world and Canada’s densest cities.

#4 Munich Germany

It also assures all 10 standards of Mercer’s very well

#3 Auckland, New Zealand

It has two large harbours and economically very rich and stable.

#2 Zurich, Switzerland

Economically and culturally very stable and developed.

#1 Vienna, Austria

This city tops the list consistently for seventh time. It fulfills all Mercer’s standards very well, so that’s why it as topped the list of best places in the world to live.


All Nippon Airways

All Nippon Airways is on number four among world’s top 5 airlines. Its previous rank was 7, which shows that now it has made improvements and now it came up 2 points in list. So now we are finding answer that why it is awesome and has got this amazing position at least on number 5.

All Nippon Airways id the largest carrier internationally in Japan and have one of the world’s largest fleet Boeing 787 Dreamliners. All Nippon Airways abbreviated as ANA draw great extol from Skytrax reviewers. It has awesome qualities as cleanliness, fast and in time service, and foolproof safety. Privacy is highly protected while on seats and has power and USB outlets are provided even in economy class aero planes. All Nippon Airways won many awards from Skytrax as world’s best Airport services and best airline staffing services in the continent of Asia.

All Nippon Airways was founded in 27th of December 1952, approximately some 64 years ago. Its hubs are located at Tokyo Haneda Airport and Tokyo Narita Airport. Its secondary hubs are Kansai International Airport, Osaka International Airport. Its focus cities include Chubu Centrair International Airport and New Chitose Airport (Sapporo). Its frequent flyer programme is ANA Mileage Club and airport lounge is ANA lounge. It has alliance with Star Alliance. Its subsidiaries include ANA Wings, Air Japan, Vanilla Air, Pan Am International Flight Academy.

Its fleet size is 218 and it covers 218 destinations across the globe. The slogan of the airline is

Inspiration of Japan

Its parent company is ANA Holdings, and its headquarters are in Shiodome city center Minato Tokyo, Japan. Its key people include on the top its Chief Executive Officer named as Shinichiro Ito and chairman of the airline is Yoji Ohashi. It has amazing revenue of 1.411 trillion Japanese yen, while operating income is 97.2 billion Japanese yen and net income is 28.17 billion Japanese yen. While its total assets are 2.002 Japanese yen. Official website of the airline is

Full and official name of the airline is All Nippon Airways Co., Ltd. Also known familiarly as Zenniku or ANA is the largest airline of all Japan. ANA controls many of its subsidiary airlines and passenger carriers as ANA wings and charter carrier, Air Japan. Additionally other small carriers are Air Do, a relatively low cost carrier inter country carrier, from Tokyo to Hokkaido etc. like these carriers one amongst them is Vanilla Air, which is defined to particularly serve resorts and selected international destinations. Allex cargo is included in the freight division of All Nippon Airways. Skytrax has honored All Nippon Airways on 29th of March 2013 as naming this airline a 5 star Airline, as there are five star hotels are distinguished among hotels in such a manner this airline was also given the award and title of five star airline by Skytrax.

If we talk about the history and formation of ANA, we come to know that its earliest ancestor was Japan Helicopter and Aero plane Transports Company.

Other ancestors of ANA include Far East Airlines. However it was founded on December 26th 1952, only one day before the founding of Nippon helicopter, it didn’t commence its operations until January 20th 1954.

Far East Airlines combined with ANA in March 1958. ANA added many fleet in 1960 as Fokker F27, Viscount, and Vickers etc.

ANA commenced 767 freight operations in 2006 and second freighter in 2008.

ANA has code shares with following airlines

Air Canada

Air China

Air Do

Air Dolomiti

Air Macau.


5 Star Hotels

5 star hotels contain a large amount of lush place, an abundant range of guest services, having its own swimming pool, sports and fitness and exercise amenities.

According to Collins dictionary, In short 5 star hotels can be defined as

“A top quality hotel offering exceptional luxury”.

These five star hotels are mostly found in city.

The official hotel guide, who is published in United States and later on followed in whole of the world, has made its own classification which has classified hotels in nine categories which are enumerated as under

  1. Moderate tourist class.
  2. Tourist class.
  3. Superior tourist class
  4. Moderate service first class
  5. Limited service first class
  6. First class
  7. Moderate deluxe
  8. Deluxe
  9. Superior deluxe

Now we can easily assess that 5 star hotels falls in the category of limited service first class.

According to Business dictionary, a hotel is defined as,

A commercial establishment providing lodging, meals and other guest services.

Instead of the fact that hotels are categorized as 1 star to 5 stars but there is no standardized method of assigning to these categories, that in which category the hotel falls.

According to Prashant G. Arabhavi, which has an experience of 20 years in hotel industry explains star system in hospitality industry as,  in usual language, a star * is a signatory of the status and standards of the hotel. The status and standards are referred to as the facilities supplied, space given, enrichment endowed, quality of conveniences and services provided, cleaning standard, landscaping, decorations, lightening, and etcetera. Health and fitness amenities given, choice and variety provided, provision and facilitation of daily need e.g. parlor, saloon, book shop, gift shop, men and women accessories shops, florist, Forex, travel counter, medical facilities on call, etc.

In conclusion, we can say that, 5 star hotels provide all necessities and amenities of life which a man would have required in his daily routine day to day life activities.

The peculiar characteristic of 5 star hotels is also that staff is more friendly and cooperative in 5 star hotels than other hotels also.

Somebody told that a five star hotel is a hotel where they have set their nucleus competencies at the best values, among in antagonism to other hotels, to provide their customers a sense of surefire satisfaction.

5 star hotels are those also which indicates the utmost taxonomy, in the midst of other hotels, based on a given set of criterion, for seminal excellence.

Five stars Alliance has in recent times more than 4400 luxury four and five star hotels which are geared up to take bookings. Among all of them, I am going to write about some top 5 star hotels in the world for your enjoyment and blissful stay at 5 star hotels, which are

1 Armani hotel Dubai, located in United Arab Emirates

It is situated in the world’s most eminent and highest building, which is Burj Khalifa, this is world’s first hotel, premeditated and developed by Giorgio Armani. This hotels reflects truly the spirit of simplicity, erudition, and elegance which are the peculiar characteristics of Giorgio Armani.

2.Auberji du solely,

This is positioned in Rutherford, CA, United States. Nearly 3 decades prior to it opened its five star branches which are more illustrious in the world now a days.

3 Baur Au Lac

This placed in Zurich, Switzerland. Subsequent traditions of 170 years, owned by consecutive 7 generations of the same family, having an inimitable location of lake and Alps, is from few minutes away from fashionable locations there.

4 Bellagio, Las Vegas, United States.

5 Belmond Charleston Place

6 Belmond Copacabana Palaces

7Carlisle Bay

8 Carlton Hotel Baglioni

9 Ciragan Palace Kempinski Istanbul

10 Claridges.


Cathay Pacific

Cathay Pacific ranked number four on the list of world’s top airlines. Cathay Pacific is an international airline located in Hong Kong. It was founded in September 24th 1946.  Its hub is Hong Kong international Airport. This Airline has focused on cities as Taipei Taoyuan, and has made alliance with oneworld. Its subsidiaries are Air Hong Kong and Cathay Dragon, including cargo. Size of its fleet is 143 and it has 180 destinations. Slogan of the company is

                               Life Well Travelled

Its parent company is swire pacific. Its headquarters are located in Cathay City, Hong Kong International Airport, Chek Lap kok, Hong Kong. Its keep people comprises of John Slosar is its chairman, while its Chief Executive Officer is Ivan Chu and Rupert Hogg is COO and Algernon Yau is the Executive director of the company as of 1 September 2015.

If we discuss about the revenue of Cathay Pacific it has HK$102,342 million as of in 2015, while it’s operating income is HK$7465 million in 2015 and net income is estimated as HK$6308 million in 2015 approximately. It has 23000 employees of Cathay Pacific as according to October 2016 and its subsidiaries have 33,800 as of October 2016, and total employees of 56800.

Name and address of the official website of Cathay Pacific is

It has wide body aircraft, comprising of Airbus A330, Airbus A340, AirbusA350, and Boeing 777 apparatus. Cathay Dragon is the subsidiary of Cathay Pacific, which flies to 44 destinations in Asia Pacific region from the base of Hong Kong. In 2010, airlines, Cathay pacific and Cathay dragon which were named before Dragonair both carried nearly 27 million passengers and more than 1.8 million tons of cargo and mailings.

The airline was founded by 2 persons of different nationalities as on 24th September 1946. The first person was an Australian named Sydney H. de Kantzow and the second person was of American nationality, named as Roy C.Farrell. Both persons has had invested HK$1 to make the process of registration process of the airline complete. The airline completed the world’s first nonstop transpolar flight in July 1998 by flying over North Pole. That flight was then maiden flight to reach Hong Kong International Airport. The airline has celebrated its 60th anniversary zealously in 2006. In October 2009, its main shareholders were Swire Pacific and Air China. In terms of sales, Cathay Pacific is on number 10 largest airlines of world. If we see it in terms of market capitalization, it achieves number 14. In 2010, Cathay Pacific won the prize of world’s largest cargo Airline. In terms of cargo traffic, again Cathay pacific retained the award of world’s busiest airport in terms of cargo traffic. Cathay pacific is a prestigious member of oneworld alliance, and its subsidiary, Cathay Dragon is an affiliate member of oneworld alliance.

Skytrax awarded Cathay Pacific as the Airline of the year in 2014. Cathay pacific has the prestige of winning the title and award of world’s best airline four times. That sounds solid and astounding.

Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines is the flag carrier Airline of Singapore. It was founded in 1 may 1947, approximately 69 years ago and its name was Malayan Airways at that time. It started its operations in 1 October 1972 approximately 44 years ago. Its hub is located as Singapore Changi Airport. Its frequent flyer program is Kris flyer and PPS club. Its Airport lounge is Silver Kris lounge and the private room, Kris Flyer gold lounge and First class reception lounge. It has an Alliance with Star Alliance. Its subsidiaries include Budget Aviation holdings, Silk Air Singapore, and Airlines cargo. Its fleet size is 111 and it has 64 destinations worldwide across the globe. The slogan of company is

                    A Great Way to Fly

Its parent company is Temasek Holdings, and headquarters are located in Airline house 25 Airline Road Singapore. Its key people involve its Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Goh Choon Phong. This worlds number three company has estimated revenue of S$15.228 billion in the Fiscal year 2015/16, and its operating income is S$972.4 million in the same fiscal years. It has 24574 working employees in the same years. The name of its website is


Often named as Singapore Airlines Limited SIA uses the Singapore girl as its middle figure in its corporate brandings. Silk Air a subsidiary of Singapore Airline is operating regionally and Scoot and Tigerair operating as low cost carriers of this Airline. Singapore Airlines has launched world’s largest passenger aircraft named as Airbus A380. It ranked among top 15 in terms of revenue generated through flight operations, and passengers and kilometers. It ranked on number 10 for international passenger carrier. On 15th of December 2010, International Air transport Association named Singapore Airlines as second largest airline of world in terms of market capitalization having worth of $14 billion US dollars.

Now we will discuss corporate affairs of these worlds 3rd ranked airline. SingaporeAirlines is majorly owned by a government of Singapore’s company Singapore government investment and holding company Temasek Holdings, which holds some 56% of its voting stock. However government in spite of more than half of its holdings in the airline does not often interferes in airlines. Singapore Girls are vastly successful and is a common feature of the airlines publications and advertisements. The logo of Singapore Airlines is a bird which is mainly inspired by silver kris, a dagger from Southeast Asia featured in regional myths and folk lore.

Singapore airlines take flights to 62 destinations in 32 countries of the world, in five continents across the globe. As of 2 November 2016 Sao Paulo is no longer served by the airline. It has a sturdy presence in the region of Southeast Asia, which with its subsidiary airline Silk Air, serves flights to more international destinations as compared to other international Southeast Asian airlines in this region.

Airline plays a major role in using of Kangroo route. In only March 2008 ended it took 11% flights in this route in and out. Astoundingly on October 14th 2015, Singapore Airlines announced a remarkable announcement by declaring that he has plans to begin again world’s longest nonstop flight from Singapore to Newark a 15300 km route approximately 9500 miles a 19 hour route that airline had dropped in 2013. The airline announced that it will resume flights after acquiring Ultra Long Haul Airbus A350 aircraft in 2018. A340-500 Airbus was used formerly to take this route until the retirement of this Airbus.

Singapore Airlines shares his code with Adria Airways, Aegean Airlines, Air Canada, Air china and with Air India.

Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways is world’s second best top airline and flag carrier airline of Qatar. In Arabic it is named as alkhutut aljawwiat alqataria. It was founded in 22th of November 1993 and started its operations in 20th of January 1994, shortly after approximately 2 and half months of its foundation. Its hub is Hamad International Airport, and its frequent flyer program is Qatar Airways Privelege Club (Qmiles).

It has alliance with oneworld, and its subsidiaries include Al Maha Airways, Qatar Airways Cargo, The Qatar Airways catering company, QatarAirways holidays and lot more. Its fleet size is 192 and has 151 destinations across the globe. Slogan of the company is

“Going Places Together.”

Its parent company is Government of Qatar and its headquarters are in Qatar Airways Towers, Doha, Qatar. Its incumbent Chief Executive Officer CEO is Akbar Al Baker and it has 24,000 employees and its website is


Amman was first served destination by Qatar Airways. In 1995 it has a staff of only 75 people when lead by the chief executive officer Sheikh Hamad bin Ali bin Jabor al Thani. At that time the airline has 2 airbuses A310 and then added many Boeings by purchasing from different airlines. It suspended its services in 1996 to Athens, Istanbul and Madraas. Flights to London were launched in 1997.on October 12 2009, the airline completed world’s first commercial flight which was powered by fuel prepared from natural gas.

In the same year airline served Australia and Melbourne for the first time. Tokyo Narita was first served by the airline in April 2010. The airline has launched 22 new destinations in 2010 including 9 more destinations. When the airline encountered some operational issues, it postponed its flights to Tbilisi and Baku scheduled to be in 2011, till February 1, 2012.

In July 2012, airline served Perth in Australia. On 8th of October 2012, Qatar Airways showed interest in joining oneworld alliance.

You will be pondering why Qatar Airways is so awesome, but there is a bad luck also that it dropped on 2nd position from first last year. It is based in Doha, Qatar, that’s why its name is Qatar Airways. It is famous because of its comfortable seating and in flight entertainment facilities served to its customers. In a matter of fact, the airline also won the prize of best business class seats. Economy class passengers enjoy the feature of Smartphone and tablet connected to their personal screens. The Airline covers about 125 destinations in the world and expanding its services to 50 new destinations including destinations of Miami, Dallas, and Los Angeles with direct flights. Qatar Airways has the prestige of winning Worlds best business class and worlds best business class lounge award. Additional information can be seen on Skytrax.

Recently Qatar Airways claimed of setting a record of world’s longest commercial flight. A Boeing 777 which departed from Doha Qatar on Sunday to land in Auckland New Zealand on Monday after covering a flight distance of 9031 miles and 145353 kilometers. It took flight of 17 hours and 30 minutes. It was inaugurated by its incumbent CEO, who was also on board, he said that

“New Auckland service was an important milestone in the airlines global expansion.

Emirates AirLine

Emirates is considered to be the world’s most famous, renowned and best top airline. It is situated in United Arab Emirates. It was founded in 25th of March 1985, approximately 31 years ago in United Arab Emirates, and commenced its operations in October 25th 1985, some 6 months after its foundations. The main hub of this international and huge airline is Dubai international airport. Its frequent flyer programme is skywards, and airport lounge is Emirates lounge. Its subsidiaries include Arabian adventures, congress solutions international, Emirates holidays, and Emirates tours. Its fleet size comprises of 240 and it has total 141 destinations across the world. Company slogan is Fly Emirates from Dubai to destinations around world, and hello tomorrow. Its parent company is The Emirates group. Its headquarters are located in Garhoud, Dubai, and United Arab Emirates. Its chairman and CEO is Ahmed bin Saeed Al Makhtoom, and president is Tim Clark. It has currently 56,725 employees as of 2014-2015 estimated counting. Its Arabic name is Tayaran Al-imarat. It is owned fully by government Dubai’s subsidiary organization named as investment Corporation of Dubai. Emirates are the largest airline situated in Middle East. Its operations include 3600 flights in a week from its hub which is located at Dubai International Airport to the destination of more than 154 cities located in 81 countries of the world. Cargo activities are assigned to Emirates Sky cargo.

When we analyze this airline by revenue of passengers, it comes to be fourth largest airline in the world, and from the prospective of kilometers flown it comes at fourth number again. If we analyze it in terms of freight carrying activities it is on number 2. Emirates had the crown of taken longest nonstop commercial flight from Dubai to Auckland but it was overtaken by Qatar Airways.

It is a thing of prestige for Pakistan International airlines (PIA) that it provides training facilities to Emirate’s cabin crew team in its Academy. Airline continues to grow in fleet and destinations since its inception till now. According to a report as according to September 2016, Emirates is the biggest Airbus A380 operator with 83 planes in service and further 59 in orders and is currently world’s largest Boeing 777 operator.

In the mid 1980’s Pakistan International Airlines played an important role in the establishment of Emirates airline by giving technical and administrative assistance to the new airline and also leased some of its airplanes as a new Boeing737-300 and an airbus A300B4-200 etc. the first ever flight of the Emirates Airline was taken on flight EK600 from Dubai to Karachi on 25 October 1984.

During its first year it carried 2, 60,000 passengers and 10,000 tons of freight approximately. The success of Emirates can be accessed from the fact that in the end of its first year operations, its consecutive competitor, Gulf Air, has to suffer losses of approximately 56% in its profits. One can easily observe the success of Emirates by this statement.

In the year 1986, Airline added some more destinations as Colombo, Dhaka, Cairo and Amman in its flight operations. In the year 1987, a second Boeing named Boeing 727 was bought from the government of Dubai. In the end of 1987, airline was serving some 11 destinations across world. Its airline can be used 24 hours a day.