Symptoms of liver problems

Liver is one of the significant organs of human body; nature has created for the proper functioning of the body. Any malfunctioning or disorder in liver can cause serious problems for the body and causes illness. Liver performs many important functions for body, so if it’s not functioning properly, body may become seriously ill. Liver diseases are also named as hepatic diseases. In symptoms of liver problems, as it’s a broad term, that covers a lots of symptoms and problems related to the functioning and performance of liver.


When 75%, tissues of liver are damaged or affected, then symptoms began to occur and shows up in the patient. The amazing information is that liver is the largest organ in the human body and is considered as a gland because it has to do something with secretions also. It is situated in the upper right side of the body under the natural protection of ribcage. The liver cells have s well defined system of oxygenated blood supply. The liver is the only organ in the body which has the ability to replace damaged cells, but if more liver cells are damaged, then liver is not able to repair them at last. Some of the some traditional and routine symptoms of liver problems are enumerated as under


This is a stage at the end of liver disease, in this symptom scarring of liver and loss of functioning of liver cells occur which ultimately makes the liver to fail. Main liver cells if damaged then liver stop execution.

Drug induced liver diseases.

Some medicines and drugs can have a lasting or temporary bad impact on working of liver, by making its cells inflamed or damaged. Some medicines and drugs damage liver cells when taken in excess but some has the potential to destroy liver cells, even if it is taken in apt amounts. For example the intake of acetaminophen commonly named as Tylenol, panadol if taken in excess can cause damage to liver cells and eventually leading to liver failure. Many kinds of mushrooms are poisonous to liver and eating them can cause lethal effects on liver.

Infectious hepatitis

Meaning of hepatitis is inflammation, and liver cells can be inflamed by infections. Hepatitis is a viral infection. In hepatitis A, severe inflammation of liver occurs in the patient. We can stop this disease of propagation by washing hands properly, it is necessary for the people working in food related industries and restaurants.

Hepatitis b is also an important symptom of liver problems. It spreads by contaminated blood, needles from drug abusers, unsafe sexual contact, and has the potential to cause severe infections. It ten if progressed can cause chronic inflammation, chronic hepatitis, which can become liver cancer and cirrhosis later on. Hepatitis B vaccine can prevent such diseases.

Hepatitis c is the reason of unremitting hepatitis. No severe conditions are faced by patient in this disease. Hepatitis c can be propagated by some forms of sexual contact, needles from drug abusers, and from contaminated blood. This disease also can lead to cirrhosis and liver cancer. Till now, no vaccine has been invented by medical researchers to cope with this viral disease. However some modern medications can cure this liver problem.

Hepatitis e is also one of the symptoms of liver problems. This disease spreads with a virus; hence it is also a viral disease, which happens due to the usage of contaminated food and water.


Patient feels the sense of nausea when liver is distorted or not functioning well.


In the symptoms of liver problems vomiting is also a significant symptom

Patient of liver feels right upper quadrant abdominal pain.

Skin becomes yellowish discolored which is due to the reason of elevated bilirubin concentration found in the blood stream. This symptom of liver problems is also called as Jaundice.

Patient feels the sense of weakness, weight loss, and fatigue may also be felt by the patient of this disease.

Higher amount of iron intake (hemochromatids) and using alcohol abusively can affect the health of liver severely.

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