Signs and Symptoms of Bladder Cancer

Definition of Bladder cancer

Signs of bladder cancer are defined as

“The kind of cancer, that begins from our bladder cells. Bladder is a balloon shaped organ that is found in the pelvic region of human body and its main function is to store urine of human body”.

Signs of bladder cancer usually starts from the inside cells of bladder. Although bladder cancer can occur at any stage of life but more vulnerable people to this disease are the people of older age.

Signs of bladder cancer.

There are many signs of bladder cancer but here we will describe the most prominent signs of bladder cancer which are as under

  1. Hematuria is one of the most significant signs of bladder cancer. Hematuria means the blood or blood clot is found in the urine. Out of 10 people affected with blood cancer 8 to 9 has developed the symptom of hematuria, and this is the most prominent signs of bladder cancer in bladder cancer patients.
  2. 2nd most important signs of blood cancer is called dysuria. It means feeling pain during the process of urination.
  3. Urination of small amounts of urea most potently.
  4. There are numerous urinary tract infections are most often found in patients of this disease which is abbreviated as UTI’s.


There are also other signs of bladder cancer which shows advanced levels of bladder cancer which include,

  1. Patient of this disease feels pain in the lower back around the area of kidneys which is called as edge pain also.
  2. There is a feeling of bulge in the part of lower legs.
  3. A pelvic mass appears which a growth in the pelvis near to bladder is.

Along the course of propagation of this disease, many other surplus signs of bladder cancer also appear which includes

The patient began to lose weight

He or she feels pain in bones, in anal, rectal or pelvic areas etc. because this disease is serious and becomes a reason of blood deficiency so patient may fall a victim to anemia also.

One thing to be kept in mind while dealing with this disease is that the signs and symptoms of bladder cancer may get similar to the disease of bladder conditions also.

Now we are going to discuss the symptoms of bladder cancer in somewhat details.

As mentioned earlier, hematuria is the most significant and most prominent of all the symptoms of blood cancer, in this symptom of bladder cancer the urine may appear to be bright red or of the color of cola because of the inclusion of blood in the urine. Also the blood apparently may appear normal but when the urine of the patient is undergone through microscopic examination, the traces of blood can be observed in the urine of the patient, that shows the main symptom of bladder cancer is found in the objects urine, although in trace amounts, but this evidence is enough to prove that the object has developed bladder cancer with its most significant and important symptoms of bladder cancer.

Another one of the main symptoms of bladder cancer is that the patient of this disease feels the requirement of going to toilet most often or frequently. This also shows that he has developed bladder cancer.

Another symptom include that when he does urination he feels pain during the process of urination.

The patient may feel pain in many areas of his or her body in the course of this disease especially in back and in or around the pelvic regions of his or her body. The diagnosis of this disease is easy because blood is detected and found in the urine and the patient gets to knows that he has developed the bladder cancer. Because this symptom is vivid, easily viewable and distinct and can easily be seen by the patient. Most often hematuria is the first ever symptom of bladder cancer. The blood is diffused into the urine to so much extent that it changes its color to very rarely darker red, and often to pink, orange colors etc. when urinalysis is done, which is an analysis or test of urine b blood can be found in the urine showing that the patient has developed symptoms of bladder cancer because there is traces of blood in urine and apparently it seemed clear. Blood does not come regularly in the patient’s urine, one day there is seen blood in the urine and the not next day. And this cleanliness of urine may go as it is for weeks or months. If the object gets bladder cancer in the end blood appears. In the initial stages of bladder cancer blood may not appear or may not change color and little or no pain. If there appears blood in the urine it not confirms that one has developed bladder cancer. Bladder cancer may be produced due to other reasons which include infections, non cancer tumors, stones in the kidney or bladder may also become the reason of cancer of bladder also.

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