Non Hodgkin Lympoma

Definition of non Hodgkin lymphoma

Non Hodgkin lymphoma is also called as NHL is a combination of blood cancers, which comprises of all types of lymphomas with the exception of Hodgkin’s lymphoma. It becomes apparent due to enlarged lymph nodes are shown and night sweats and feelings of fever and the patient loses its weight and feels tiredness. Lymphomas are kinds of cancer which grows from lymphocytes or lymph cells, and this is a type of white blood cells.

Signs of non Hodgkin lymphoms

These are described as under

  1. There is a presence of painless swollen lymph nodes in or around your neck, armpits or in groins.
  2. Pain in abdomen or swelling is felt.
  3. The patient of this cancer of non Hodgkin lymphoma feels pain in chest and he coughs a lot and feels trouble in taking breaths.
  4. There is a strong fatigue felt by the patient of non Hodgkin lymphoma cancer.
  5. The fever also comes along this disease.
  6. There are night sweats in this cancer
  7. The patient of non Hodgkin lymphoma loses weight in this disease.

When a person must visit a doctor

If the signs of non Hodgkin lymphoma become persistent or any of the signs and symptoms of this cancerous disease becomes or tend to become persistent over the course of time, then one must settle an appointment with his qualified or family physician.


Symptoms of non Hodgkin lymphoma


This cancerous disease can cause varied kinds of signs and symptoms and symptoms of non Hodgkin lymphoma may be very different depending upon the stage and severity of the disease and type of the lymphoma and where it is located in the body. In rare cases it cannot be shown and not becomes apparent until it has grown so much large and becomes vivid and apparent. But still there are some explicit symptoms of non Hodgkin lymphoma from which this disease can be diagnosed which are enumerated as under.


  1. We can see apparently the enlarged lymph nodes.
  2. The patient of non Hodgkin lymphoma cancerous disease feels fever.
  3. He undergoes the periods of sweating and chills
  4. There is clear loss in weight in the patient of non Hodgkin lymphoma disease.
  5. He feels fatigue which in simple words is extreme level of tiredness.
  6. Belly and abdomen of the patient becomes swollen.
  7. He feels full in stomach even after eating a small amount of food.
  8. In non Hodgkin lymphoma there is a feeling of chest pain and pressure is being felt in or around the chest.
  9. There is a cough comes with the shortness of breath.


If the patient feels such kind of signs or symptoms of non Hodgkin lymphoma disease then he must immediately refer to a qualified physician.

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