Hepatitis c is an inflammation of liver and a contagious disease of liver

Hepatitis c is an inflammation or infection of liver and a contagious disease of liver.  In the sense of severity, it can be mild which can lasts for fewer weeks  and also it  can be serious, which my persists life Longley which keeps attacking liver. Its virus is named as hepatitis c virus which is abbreviated as HCV and it spreads mostly with the usage of contaminated blood of the patient. However its symptoms are fewer, thus due to this reason most of the people don’t know that they have developed Hepatitis. Hepatitis c virus is of many kinds but most popular of them is type 1 but no type is more serious than others but all types respond in a different ways to treatments.

Signs of hepatitis c

Hepatitis c apparently shows no symptoms and signs in the patient but we could observe in the subject which are described as under

  1. Jaundice in which patient has yellow skin and eyes and his urine becomes thicker.
  2. Patient feels pain in stomach
  3. Feels nausea
  4. Feels vomiting
  5. And there is a remarkable decrease in appetite.

Medium of propagation.

This virus propagates mainly due to the infected blood of the patient or his/her body fluids. Etc.

Using drugs and needles used on infected persons.

Having sex with sexually transmitted diseases STD person or persons infected with hepatitis c virus.

An infected mother of this disease of hepatitis c can pass it on to his/her child.

There is a general point which must be highlighted in the society that hepatitis c virus is not spreads by food, water, or formal contact.


Possible reasons of obtaining hepatitis c.


  • If you have obtained or received blood from an infected person.

Used drugs through infected injections

Having taken blood transfusion or transfusion of organ transplantation before July 1992.

Using long term kidney dialysis.

Born to mother which has already hepatitis c.


How to discover and diagnose if you have hepatitis c or not?

There are blood tests which can tell you if you have hepatitis c or not.

Hepatitis c have long term effects on patient and show signs of chronic hepatitis c which includes conditions which may leads to liver cancer, cirrhosis and scarring of the liver. That’s why people are forced to get liver transplants. In the recent years hepatitis c treatments have changed tremendously, some drugs can cure it one hundred percent, some medicines took eight to twelve weeks to cure this contagious inflammation of liver caused due to hepatitis c. but these drugs can cause side effects e.g. headache and fatigue. They can have side effects e.g. fatigue, feelings like flu, anemia, rashes on skin may appear, low level anxiety, depression, nausea, and feelings of diarrhea etc.


Side effects caused due to usage of hepatitis c drugs.

The majority widespread effects of hepatitis C drugs are:

  • Symptoms like flu
  • Feeling of fatigue
  • Losing hair
  • Low blood
  • Feeling difficulty in thinking
  • Depression
  • Patient may feel nervous.

Preventive measures to stop hepatitis c

There is no vaccine discovered yet to prevent hepatitis C. we must take some preventive measures to avoid the spread of virus:

  • Every time use a latex condom every time you intend to have sex with your partner.
  • Do not share your personal items like razors and under shave instruments.
  • Be careful if you dig up a tattoo, body piercing or manicure. The equipment may be infected with disease virus blood.
  • Do not ever try to donate blood or tissue if you are infected with hepatitis c virus.



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